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2/9/16/23 October Saturday Workshops Year 4+

26-27 October 2 Day Sculpture Art School Year 4+

Art Monkee provides opportunities for young people to explore their creativity within a supported environment that develops skill and confidence whilst encouraging critical thinking and personal expression. At Art Monkee we strongly value creativity as a vehicle to develop the emotional, psychological and cognitive development in young people along with practical skill, knowledge and understanding.

We know how creativity can be used to motivate and nurture the growth of young people and understand the impact that art plays in making that experience positive. All of our sessions are delivered by professionals who are qualified art educators and are fully cleared by the DBS with enhanced disclosure.

At Art Monkee we are passionate about inclusivity and welcome the opportunity to cater for the full spectrum of abilities and needs of young people. Get in touch to discuss how we can make things happen with an individual, group, school or organisation. We are based in East London but are open to working where the creative call takes us.